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"Cannabis is here to stay, and this industry is only getting bigger. . . you have the ability to get on the ground floor of the biggest economic phenomenon of our lifetime!"

- John Boehner, American Cannabis Summit 

Hemp Farming in Northville, MI
Industrialized Hemp Production in Northville, MI
  • Advice regarding State Regulations
  • Assist with Business and Operating Plans
  • Abiility to Secure Funding for start-ups
  • Locate Real Estate to conduct business

Industrialized Hemp Production in Northville, MI

With the recent legalization of hemp and CBD products (in the 2018 Farm Bill from Congress), States have found themselves having to create specific plans that could regulate how the industries could operate within their borders. In April 2019, a pilot plan was developed in Michigan, but these regulations are not yet official. Due to the discrepancies between federal, state, and local guidelines, it can often seem difficult to figure out what rules and regulations must be followed. However, you can come to our industrialized hemp consultants in Northville, MI, and let us sort things out for you! Our understanding of the markets allows us to give great advice to all of our clients.

Your Industrialized Hemp Consultants in Northville, MI


Did you know that hemp farming is actually quite cost-efficient? Able to withstand a wide range of soil conditions, hemp also uses little water. Most of the time, it doesn’t even need pesticides.



Cultivating, producing, and distributing CBD oils is a complex process. JMA Partners handles each part of the process by using distinct teams throughout each stage. These stages are farming, processing, and distribution. This system allows us to run an incredibly efficient operation.

Our CBD Production

When it comes to hemp and CBD products in Northville, MA, we always strive to produce the best quality. Following the correct regulations, our teams can keep up with large volumes of hemp processing; in fact, our production sets an example for other farmers trying to grow their own crops. As a highly accredited source of hemp and CBD oil, establishing ourselves has been a challenge that we've met with incredible outcomes. That's why JMA Partners has always sought to give other farmers the tools and guidance for their own products and assist them in all the legalities behind growing crops.

Consulting/Business Management

However, it can be difficult sometimes to find the seeds you need. So come to JMA Partners and let us handle it for you! Our connections mean that we can see that you cultivate your plants in the best manner possible. Whether you are a farmer looking to diversify, or an investor hoping to start a farm, we can find the land and product you need!

Having a product ready is a great first step. But now, you need to be able to monetize it properly! Our connections (not to mention our vast experience) will see that you meet the distributors you need. CBD oils are becoming increasingly popular, so the market will soon be full of businesses trying to lure your target demographic away from me. Contact us and get started the right way!

Proper guidance and equipment are required to transform hemp plants into oil. You’ll find that and more here at JMA Partners. You’ll need to know how to operate the machines and have adequate facilities, and with our capital, you’ll soon be well on the way. Call today to learn more!

Hemp and CBD products are now in high demand in different markets around the country. The build-up of supply and demand puts a little pressure on us to produce accordingly, but we never cut corners on our production process. The good thing about hemp is that it's relatively cost-efficient in that it is a more resilient plant that doesn't require as much water or pesticides. We take proper care during each phase of the hemp's growth, cultivation, processing, and distribution. It's our greatest pride to share our products with the nation.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. Helping you make the best of your crop is our number one priority.