Hemp/CBD Services

3-Phase Operations


Growing Hemp is not much different from growing other field crops and in fact is more cost-efficient. It can withstand a variety of soil conditions, uses little water when compared to major crops, and in most cases does not even require pesticides. The most common problem for hemp farmers is finding the perfect seeds. Luckily, with JMA Partners finding the proper seeds will not be a hassle, plus we have the connections to ensure you are cultivating your plants in the best way. Whether you are a farmer looking to diversify, or an investor hoping to start a farm, we can find the land and product you need.

The transformation from a plant into oil is tricky if one does not have the proper guidance and equipment. One must find the proper machines and know how to operate them, plus have adequate facilities to accommodate their operation. With a little bit of capital and a little bit of help, you can become a producer of CBD oils. JMA understands the real estate market and how to find you a great space quickly to get you started on processing CBD oils.

Consulting/Business Management 

Congress recently legalized hemp with the 2018 Farm Bill, and states have been sent scrambling to create a more specific plan that regulates how participants can operate within their borders. Michigan has just established their first "Pilot Plan" in April of 2019 to try and devise an efficient way of managing Industrialized Hemp production. The regulations are still not official, and due to the discrepancies between federal, state, and local guidelines, there can be obstacles when trying to sort through all of the requirements to legally produce Industrialized Hemp in Northville, MI. With JMA we understand the changes in the market and provide advice to anyone interested in entering the CBD field.

"Cannabis is here to stay, and this industry is only getting bigger. . . you have the ability to get on the ground floor of the biggest economic phenomenon of our lifetime!"

- John Boehner, American Cannabis Summit 

Hemp Farming in Northville, MI
Industrialized Hemp Production in Northville, MI
  • Advice regarding State Regulations
  • Assist with Business and Operating Plans
  • Abiility to Secure Funding for start-ups
  • Locate Real Estate to conduct business

The process of cultivating, producing, and distributing CBD Oils is complex. While JMA oversees it all, the handling of each process is dependent on distinct teams. There are 3 main stages: Farming, Processing, and Distribution. The unique system developed by JMA Partners Hemp/CBD Consultants organizes all aspects of the business and manages them so that everything runs efficiently and stays by-the-book.



Having a product is important, but being able to monetize that product is key. With experience and connections in numerous fields, specifically Medical Marijuana, JMA Partners is in a unique position to link up producers with distributors throughout the state. The demand for CBD oils is growing rapidly, and there is no shortage of businesses that would like to enter the market. By looking at all possibilities, we find the perfect fit to get profit rolling in.

Industrialized Hemp Production in Northville, MI