Bob has extensive experience providing legal, tax and business advice for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies/associations.  Bob is a graduate of University of Detroit (1967), University of Detroit School of Law J.D. magna cum laude (1971), and Georgetown University Law Center, L.L.M (1992). He is also a Real Estate Broker with the State of Michigan and has extensive experience in business brokerage and real estate transactions.

Bob's professional experience includes specialization in tax planning for business/individuals:business succession planning; business plans for financial services integrating the multi-discipline approach to such representation. Within this Scope, Bob represented a "rock and roll" musician who obtained 5 platinum records and 4 gold records in his career. 

Bob is a member of the Detroit Zoning Board of Appeals which gives him a deep knowledge base regarding Medical Marijuana efforts and compliance with Federal laws and the State of Michigan legislation and zoning ordinances in the City of Detroit. Bob is also a member of the Rosedale Park Civic Association and President of the Michigan Business Brokers Asociation.

Robert G. Weed 

Osmin Perez is a hands-on consultant who has invaluable experience and knowledge about the cultivation and processing of hemp. He is a former Minor League Baseball player 

Hemp and CBD products are on the rise in the business world. However, even though more and more people are choosing to get into this industry, no one has the same quality and experience as JMA Partners. We have the knowledge to help you navigate the rules and regulations surrounding hemp and CBD oils and monetizing hemp and CBD products in Northville, MI. It’s essential to know the right way of producing industrialized hemp so that you can turn a good profit.


Following the right regulations when growing hemp will pave the path to selling your hemp plants to different industries that can turn them into various products. Since there is a growing demand for hemp-sourced CBD products, the possibilities are endless. Not only can the hemp plant’s properties be turned into CBD oils, but other things, such as:

  • Protein Powders
  • Beverages
  • Soap
  • Cosmetic and Skin Care Products
  • Paper
  • And More

Industrialized Hemp Production

When it comes to the Industrial Hemp Regulations, cannabis plants and plant parts of any variety containing 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or less in the leaves and flowering heads fall under the category of industrial hemp

Monetizing Hemp and CBD Products in Northville, MI

Your Reliable Hemp Consulting Agency

 JMA Partners is dedicated to helping you get your hemp business up and running. The recent legalization of hemp and CBD products prompted several states to develop their own regulations around the plant. There’s no need to feel daunted with our expertise and help; take your business with our knowledge and experience. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.