Bob has extensive experience providing legal, tax and business advice for individuals, corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies/associations.  Bob is a graduate of University of Detroit (1967), University of Detroit School of Law J.D. magna cum laude (1971), and Georgetown University Law Center, L.L.M (1992). He is also a Real Estate Broker with the State of Michigan and has extensive experience in business brokerage and real estate transactions.

Bob's professional experience includes specialization in tax planning for business/individuals:business succession planning; business plans for financial services integrating the multi-discipline approach to such representation. Within this Scope, Bob represented a "rock and roll" musician who obtained 5 platinum records and 4 gold records in his career. 

Bob is a member of the Detroit Zoning Board of Appeals which gives him a deep knowledge base regarding Medical Marijuana efforts and compliance with Federal laws and the State of Michigan legislation and zoning ordinances in the City of Detroit. Bob is also a member of the Rosedale Park Civic Association and President of the Michigan Business Brokers Asociation.

Robert G. Weed 

Osmin Perez is a hands-on consultant who has invaluable experience and knowledge about the cultivation and processing of hemp. He is a former Minor League Baseball player 

Although hemp as a crop dates back centuries, the modern hemp and CBD oil industry is still in its infancy. Therefore, it can be difficult to find the information you need to begin a robust and successful growing operation. JMA Partners has put in the time, effort, research, and labor to develop a thriving company specializing in hemp and CBD oil production in Northville, MI.

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JMA Partners never cuts corners when it comes to our hemp and CBD oil operations. At every stage of the process—from growth and cultivation to processing and distribution—we ensure that all regulations are met. This guarantees that the hemp we produce is of the highest quality for our customers.


Now that we’ve mastered our production process, we’re thrilled to share the knowledge we’ve acquired with fellow hemp enthusiasts that are looking to break into the industry. Count on us for information about how to produce industrialized hemp, as well as details about monetizing hemp and CBD products.

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We invite you to reach out to us today with any questions, concerns, or inquiries you may have regarding hemp and CBD oil production. A knowledgeable and experienced member of our team will be happy to answer your questions, address your concerns, and respond to your inquiries. You can count on us to be your consultants and help get your business off the ground. We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you achieve your hemp-growing goals.

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